Friday, December 31, 2010

auld lang SICK.

it is new year's eve, and while most are enjoying the company of cheerful faces (including my family and our company downstairs), i am sitting in my bed with a fever of 102 and a roll of toilet paper to wipe my constantly-running nose.

pity party? yes. because new year's is up there in my top favorite holidays, along with 4th of july. why? because first of all, a big sparkly ball drops in times square....that doesn't really need further explanation i don't think. second of all, it's romantic, or at least the idea of it is. the whole new year's kiss thing is sweet to me. finally, it's a new start. i realize that's very cliche and that most people don't even come close to sticking to their new year's resolutions. but at the same time, it is a new year, a new beginning, a new semester for those of us in school, and there's something nice about having a clean slate.

all that to say, i'm really sad that i'm missing new year's eve due to a ridiculous illness.

                                             at least i've got this guy to keep me company.

here's to hoping everyone else is having a beyond-wonderful new year's eve!

"how about office supplies flying kites on a beach?"

- the response i got upon asking a friend to give me an idea of something to draw.

so, naturally, i did it!

just a rough sketch for now...but it's a start!
thanks to josh for the interesting inspiration.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

lifetime movies and LIGHTS

this holiday break has been filled with many lazy days spent watching tv on the couch. and today was different only because it wasn't just any old tv day, but a LIFETIME MOVIE MARATHON!
i know most people don't appreciate these cheesy, predictable, made-for-tv movies as much as i do, and so really this probably doesn't excite anyone but me. but it's awesome, and i'm loving it.

(me, loving it)

meanwhile, while i don't have any art to upload, i figured i would share some music that's seriously inspired me the past few days...i had heard of LIGHTS a few years ago but didn't think much of it, but i stumbled upon her stuff again the other day and fell in looooove!

lights - second go

perfect music for drawing....i should get on that, huh?


p.s. dear lord, please let it snow lots and lots.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

christmas cards!

i've been hard at work making christmas cards for a few of my friends...but i must admit it's always hard for me to give them away knowing how long they took me to make :)
if only i could spend my days doing this instead of going to classes and studying...if only someone would give me a little cash so i could head on up to alaska and close myself away in a warm little house surrounded by endless art supplies and a few big doggies to play in the snow.


so those are the cards i made for my lovely friends, plus the one for the grandparents of the kid i babysit. wee! such fun.
also i found some random sketches in between note-taking...

so much inspiration at christmas time! now off to sit and do nothing. because i can.

p.s. hi davey.