Friday, December 31, 2010

auld lang SICK.

it is new year's eve, and while most are enjoying the company of cheerful faces (including my family and our company downstairs), i am sitting in my bed with a fever of 102 and a roll of toilet paper to wipe my constantly-running nose.

pity party? yes. because new year's is up there in my top favorite holidays, along with 4th of july. why? because first of all, a big sparkly ball drops in times square....that doesn't really need further explanation i don't think. second of all, it's romantic, or at least the idea of it is. the whole new year's kiss thing is sweet to me. finally, it's a new start. i realize that's very cliche and that most people don't even come close to sticking to their new year's resolutions. but at the same time, it is a new year, a new beginning, a new semester for those of us in school, and there's something nice about having a clean slate.

all that to say, i'm really sad that i'm missing new year's eve due to a ridiculous illness.

                                             at least i've got this guy to keep me company.

here's to hoping everyone else is having a beyond-wonderful new year's eve!

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