Sunday, December 26, 2010

lifetime movies and LIGHTS

this holiday break has been filled with many lazy days spent watching tv on the couch. and today was different only because it wasn't just any old tv day, but a LIFETIME MOVIE MARATHON!
i know most people don't appreciate these cheesy, predictable, made-for-tv movies as much as i do, and so really this probably doesn't excite anyone but me. but it's awesome, and i'm loving it.

(me, loving it)

meanwhile, while i don't have any art to upload, i figured i would share some music that's seriously inspired me the past few days...i had heard of LIGHTS a few years ago but didn't think much of it, but i stumbled upon her stuff again the other day and fell in looooove!

lights - second go

perfect music for drawing....i should get on that, huh?


p.s. dear lord, please let it snow lots and lots.

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