Sunday, January 30, 2011


three days since the last post...improvement! congratulations, self.

so i decided to come home for the weekend for a quick visit with the fam and a dear friend of mine (hello again, david), and it's been a nice little stay. and while i should be driving back to school right now, the early darkness that is an unfortunate characteristic of these winter months has convinced me to wait till morning. the morning is a much better time for everything anyway, at least for me.

here i sit in my comfy bed, listening to music and perusing the always-inspiring etsy for endless lists of trinkets and treasures that i sadly cannot afford. (how incredibly sweet are those mug cozies??) someday, when i have a real job (as opposed to toting a grumpy 2-year-old to daycare twice a week) i will buy lovelies like these for myself and all my friends.
but for now, i will have to keep my spending to a minimum, pinching my pennies and only occasionally splurging on essential favorites like magazines.

see? they make me happy. this particular gem is the latest issue of martha stewart living - the valentine's day edition!! don't even get me started on how much i love valentine's day. anyone who says it's overrated is boring and needs to learn to appreciate how much fun heart-shaped things can be.
well, i suppose it's time for homework now. or something else. either way, actual pictures and (finally) some recent art to come soon. yes, really.


Thursday, January 27, 2011


= me.
the only thing lamer (lame + er?) than having a blog is having a blog and never updating it.
(or, having a blog that nobody reads anyway....uh...)

anyway, it's about time to put something new
so here
i go

i am back at school, in the swing of things, or trying to be.  i have resolved myself to be better at things this year, "things" such as: school work, spending time with friends instead of being a hobbit, napping less, and doing artsy things instead of wasting time watching youtube. (but seriously...the puppies)
as part of that, i suppose posting on here would be a good thing to add to the list. though i'm legitimately sure that only one person reads it (hello, david).
that's neither here nor there, because whether or not anyone reads the blog isn't the point, is it? the point is to continue the creative process a little bit each day, even when i don't feel like it.

anyway, it snowed a TON last night!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the case of the object-sucking house.

seriously, my house is a black hole. always has been.
something will be on the floor, or on the counter, or in the laundry, and it NEVER COMES BACK.
most recently lost items include my dad's car keys, the USB cord for my camera (hence no recent pictures except the crappy ones on photobooth).
but i'm happy to report that another recent lost item - "chance" chanel perfume that i was supposed to get for christmas - was FOUND by me, this afternoon. sitting in a lonely little box in the boiler room, in our basement.
a joyous occasion.

in other news:

another draft of josh's drawing. now, the picture quality sucks. but also i think the drawing itself might suck a little too. but hey, i gave it another go. and now it should go into the trash.

also, this is wonderful.