Sunday, January 30, 2011


three days since the last post...improvement! congratulations, self.

so i decided to come home for the weekend for a quick visit with the fam and a dear friend of mine (hello again, david), and it's been a nice little stay. and while i should be driving back to school right now, the early darkness that is an unfortunate characteristic of these winter months has convinced me to wait till morning. the morning is a much better time for everything anyway, at least for me.

here i sit in my comfy bed, listening to music and perusing the always-inspiring etsy for endless lists of trinkets and treasures that i sadly cannot afford. (how incredibly sweet are those mug cozies??) someday, when i have a real job (as opposed to toting a grumpy 2-year-old to daycare twice a week) i will buy lovelies like these for myself and all my friends.
but for now, i will have to keep my spending to a minimum, pinching my pennies and only occasionally splurging on essential favorites like magazines.

see? they make me happy. this particular gem is the latest issue of martha stewart living - the valentine's day edition!! don't even get me started on how much i love valentine's day. anyone who says it's overrated is boring and needs to learn to appreciate how much fun heart-shaped things can be.
well, i suppose it's time for homework now. or something else. either way, actual pictures and (finally) some recent art to come soon. yes, really.


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