Friday, February 4, 2011

baby, baby, baby

before you read any further, take a moment to listen to prince's "the beautiful ones". 

wasn't that nice?

well it is friday, and i am waiting around to go to my only class of the day at 2:30...worst timing ever for weekend trips. but after class i am headed home to sweet camp hill for the weekend, which is always a lovely time. and this weekend is extra special because i get to go to d.c. to visit this bad mama jama:

he will hate me for this.

i'm extremely excited to go to our nation's capital, it's been several years since i've been and several more years since i've gone to any museums there. so! i will be sure to take plenty of pictures and put them here.

in other news, i had one of my favorite kind of days yesterday. i sat in the anvil, sipping coffee, browsing online and in magazines, drew, and made lists. BEST. seriously, i was there for hours, and i loved it.

i did some pre-valentine's day doodles:

seriously considered subscribing to martha stewart living:

and started a new series of drawings: desks.

this one is titled "the quirky architect"

just a rough draft mind you, so don't think mean thoughts about it. it's very rough. and probably will be redone. but my goal is to do different desk scenes belonging to different types of people. let's see if i actually continue it...

(current jam: janet jackson - "that's the way love goes")

now, off to class i go!

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