Sunday, February 20, 2011


hello all! happy sunday to you :)
as i write this i am sitting in my favorite of places, barnes & noble, with my dear ali, who is listening to lectures on nutrition and "how to not get food poisoning"....
clearly, she is thrilled.
but! it is a beautiful day, and i am proud of us that we are out in society rather than caged up in our rooms, which is what we too-often do on the weekends. so while i bask in the bookish atmosphere (also it smells like cinnamon buns....mmm!) i figured i would post some pictures of doodles that really should have put up for valentine's day...ah well. here goes:

 this day i was very much craving a reeses cupcake.

 a pretty flower for a pretty someone?

(yes davey, that is your name and address. no davey, i have not sent your letter yet.)

i really need to work on making these posts less random. i'll get better...i really will. 
but for now, farewell and best wishes.

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