Monday, February 21, 2011

the case of the gimmes.

ever read the berenstain bears book that talks about the "gimmes"? brother and sister bear go out shopping with their parents and cause a big scene in every store because they want everything - candy, toys, you name it. moral of the story is, brother and sister bear have to learn that they cannot have everything they want, and must learn to be content with not getting anything at all.
the past few days i have felt like brother and sister bear (minus the tantrums and subsequent scolding from my parents). all the sudden i have this overwhelming urge to splurge! thankfully, due to the careful parenting of my mom and dad with frequent help from berenstain bears stories like this one, i have learned that contentment is a virtue, and one cannot/should not selfishly spend like mad. another thing that helps the contentment process is being broke and currently without a means of income (job ideas? anyone??)...but that's beside the point. since i cannot/will not buy all (or any, for that matter) of the frivolous things i've been drooling over, i've decided i will share them with you all instead :)
Black Leather Band Watch
a simple, classic watch with a black strap. this one is from anne klein, and not quite what i want, but you get the basic idea. i want it to look polished, classy, and timeless.
if i was much more frivolous and very much wealthier, i would go with this gorgeous specimen from michael kors. 

this adorable tank blouse from target. you can't tell from this view, but if you follow the link to target's website you can look at the back - grey stripes! i don't normally approve of mixing patterns, but this top does it the right way.

this laptop bag from fossil, though the color i want is this one; the image couldn't be taken off the website. mmm so much soft leather, so much more fashionable than my plain black back-packy one. (though, mine has served its purpose very well for the past three years, and is still going strong. and it was cheap to boot!)

Midnight Blue Sparkling Drusy in Oxidized Sterling Silver handmade ring

ok, beautiful is this ring?? an incredible etsy find.

THE LIBRO grey leather pouch

another awesome item from etsy. i swear, i could spend a million dollars on this site alone.

Screenprinted Mr. Darcy Proposal notecard set (3)

and finally, these darcy notecards, which are from etsy as well. this combines three of my absolute favorite things: beautiful handwriting, notecards, and pride and prejudice...all in one gift!

well, that's that. of course, as i'm sure you can imagine, there are about a thousand more things i could put on here. but seeing as how i have an exam tomorrow, i will have to stop here for now :)
hope you enjoyed my little wish list! 
(hint :: my birthday is in 4 days...any takers?)


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