Tuesday, February 8, 2011


so, as i mentioned a few days ago, this past weekend i got to go to d.c. for the day with my dad, my brother coop, and my dad's coworker ken who was here all the way from londontown! 
we left in the morning (later than planned, naturally), and it was a long, boring ride in the rain to rockville, maryland. 

so boring, in fact, that coopy swiftly fell asleep. 

upon making it to maryland, we dropped off our car and decided to take the metro the rest of the way into the city. we greatly underestimated the amount of time the we'd be on the metro; we guessed about 20 minutes...it was almost an hour.
but our spirits were high nonetheless!
 me and daddy ^
^ coop and ken
after what felt to be much more than an hour, our train stopped at the center city station, where we found a little goober named davey!
(in spite of this face, he really was happy to see us.)
we then shortly emerged above ground to the rain and misery that encompassed the entire day. the weather definitely put a damper on things, but at least museums are inside, haha!
while ken, dad, and coop went to the national gallery of art, me and davey decided to visit the natural history museum so i could see the fun things like stuffed animals and my beloved dinosaurs.
clearly the better choice.
the following pictures capture our journey through the smithsonian, and our encounters with wildlife, both modern and prehistoric.

^ a "dinorama", as davey called it 

 i found a davey! ^

^ the dingo ate your baby

...so awesome, right?
but you know what's not awesome? paying 25 dollars for a crappy museum cafeteria meal.

but even expensive food and crappy weather weren't enough to keep us from having a fun day.

(bad picture, but just look past our faces and into the emotion.)
that's all for now :)

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