Saturday, February 12, 2011

early valentine's fete

hello all! (or, hello one or two or three who take the time to visit me :) )

today me and two of my dear loves had a little "happy valentine's day" celebration, and all in all it was a lovely day.
i started the day off by waking up slowly and adding a little glam to my get-ready routine:

soon after that it was time to head to kendra's (one of said "dear loves"), with supplies in pink & red colored bags in tow (yes, even the most mundane of details are important when it comes to valentine's day). 
as soon as we got there i set up all the valentine-making supplies, which unfortunately but kind of expectedly we never ended up using

at least they looked cheerful, right?

the lunch menu for the day was chicken salad with apples, craisins, and walnuts on heart-shaped bread! no, the bread was not heart-shaped when we got it...although that would be awesome. but we used these handy little guys to meticulously make food into a valentine's shape:

i didn't get any pictures of the sandwiches, which was dumb, but i mean...i'm sure you can imagine what chicken salad looks like. google it if you can't. anyway, they were delicious, and i'm extremely excited to eat the leftovers tomorrow! 
after lunch it was on to baking cookies, specifically lemon ricotta cookies with glaze. 

so. yummy.
we were going to use food coloring to dye the pink, but we forgot :( sad. ah well, less red dye in our system is always a good thing i'm sure. and as if that wasn't enough of a sugar shock, we also made dark chocolate hot cocoa as per martha stewart's recipe:

^ the beautiful kenno herself!
^ sipped from my new mug! check the homemade whipped cream on top.
mmm. so yummy right?? the hot chocolate tasted delicious, though we found that our bodies could barely tolerate more than a few sips of the stuff...too much heavy cream! if martha ate/drank everything she advertised, she'd be 600 pounds. so i can only assume martha's not sipping this stuff regularly.

the rest of the afternoon was spent silently watching pride and prejudice, one of our absolute favorites...i can't think of many stories that are more romantic, and it set the perfect mood for the day. for sure one of the best movies, with the most beautiful soundtrack

 a fun time had by all :) if only every day could be as productive and sweet as this.


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