Wednesday, February 2, 2011


i am sitting in the anvil, our student center at school, with my dearest ali:

i took this a few minutes ago, while she was unaware, and she is still sitting in much the same position, continuing to have no clue that i'm writing about her. :)
it is a snow day, again, which is definitely nice but inconvenient at the same time, seeing as how i was supposed to go have my first field experience today with a real-live third grade class! terrifying, i know. and i can't even just sit and watch and blend into the background. i have to DO things. like teach them. and help them learn....!!??!? like i'm supposed to be a real person or something, instead of the frightened, clueless, almost-21-year-old that i actually am. well anyway, school got cancelled because of ice or something and so i got to put it off for yet another week. lord help me.

besides all of those constantly-running thoughts, not much is happening here in ice-land, although by now it's pretty much just melty-wet-land.
i suppose now i will just look through some magazines and continue the idea and drafting process for this upcoming valentine's day! (pictures to come later this evening.)
farewell from the anvil!
(and from unawares-alex)

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