Wednesday, February 2, 2011


ask me if i've done any homework today....

i've discovered a whole lotta music that i enjoy. and now i will share!

warpaint is an all-girl band from l.a., and they are crazy strange and i love them. sort of tegan and sara-like, but much more....something....anyway, "composure" is my favorite check it out. i'm definitely usually opposed to chick-rock, but this is extremely creative and unique, at least in my little opinion.

also, i've discovered a possible love for st. vincent. while not all her music is exactly my speed, she's beautifully talented vocally and is excellent on the guitar...this cover of "dig a pony" is blowing my mind right now (thank you josh). and also, she's amazingly gorgeous.

anyway. those are the things i am liking as of this moment. so give them a listen, and enjoy :)


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