Thursday, March 17, 2011

recent days.

"i know i have a fickle heart, and a bitterness, and a wandering eye and a heaviness in my head..."

just one of many beautiful lines of lyrics written by the fabulously talented adele
how beautiful is she??

so, i realize i have been m.i.a. the past few weeks (cough daveyshepherd cough). but what can i say? just haven't been in the mood! plus spring break at home certainly stole my attention for a little over a week, which is perfectly excusable if you ask me.
what did i do on said break, you ask?
for starters, i went to NYC with my daddy dearest! unfortunately it was only for the night, and i definitely could've used a few more days in the big apple, but it was fun nonetheless! 
some fun little picky-tures for you:

we stayed near what's called the seaport district, which had an inner-harbor-esque shopping area, and humongous beautiful old ships!

(quick little insert - really neat building with numbers on each window, my cute little dad strolling the streets, and the street his new york office is located on (maiden lane))

back to the ships.

i know, boat overload. but seriously, they were awesome.

so that's it as far as my adventuring...the night before we ate and walked around in times square, but like a dummy i left my camera in the hotel room. DUMB. 
but, speaking of hotel, i did get a few shots of the place we stayed at. i loved the decor, it was like a classy, stylish bachelor pad:

the pictures don't really do it justice, and i'm certainly not the best photographer, but you get the idea :)

on the way back from new york, we made a pit stop in a cute little town called clinton in new parents have been there a few times and i had never been, and my dad kept telling me how much i'd love it. he was right!

sweet little street lined with shops. unfortunately we didn't have time to look in all of them, but i hope to go back as soon as i can!

gorgeous little barn-like building with a water wheel! i think it's a museum now.

my favorite shop by far was a stationary shop called "the write touch". that's right. an entire shop, filled only with stationary. my heaven.

when i walked in the front door, i was greeted by this sweet little precious face!! she was my buddy the whole time i shopped :)

the view on the drive home.

thanks for lasting through that marathon post, if you actually could. 
have a lovely thursday!

Thursday, March 3, 2011



MON BLANC photo | Blake Lively

love love LOVE-ing this outfit on blake lively. so nineties...

vintage 1950s Twin Shadow party dress

ok, i'm not usually a sucker for vintage, but come on...just look at this dress.

Double Rain Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver
pass the earrings, please?


my favorite section of saint-saens' "carnival of the animals". (though, i must sheepishly admit that the reason it's my favorite is because it sounds like the score from "beauty and the beast"... :) )

can't even tell you how many times i've listened to this song in the past few days. heart-altering.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

birthday ♥

hello all! happy first of march to you :) 
so, last friday was my 21st birthday! i really should have done a birthday post, and i started to, but the day got very busy and the rest of the weekend was no different. but! it was a nice weekend spent with my dear friends and also my mommy, who even in her sickness came to visit me. 

friday night we all had dinner at buca di bepo, which had yummy food and a fun atmosphere. and, they brought me a candelabra and free brownie!

^ why yes, this is a shrine to the pope.

so fun. the next day me and momma spent alllll day at king of prussia, shopping around and trying to fight off the infamous mall lethargy. got a few birthday funs, including this bracelet from madewell:

i know that's not really a detailed description of all we did, and i apologize. but along with the festivities the weekend was spent trying to ward off illness, so it wasn't quite as exciting as it could have been. i swear i need to lock myself in my room until may so all these gross winter germs can DIE.

anyway, i will stop talking now and instead leave you with some little odds and ends found around internet-land that made me smile. 
enjoy! xo


(check out this article featuring artist and former architect jennifer bishop...her ideas are completely taken from/influenced by her experience as an architect; very original and slightly quirky)