Monday, April 18, 2011

exciting times!

it's finally spring :) despite the beyond awful rainy weather we've had lately, it is SPRING, my most favorite season. the flowers and lush grass and tiny green buds on the trees make my heart sing a little bit.

i know i've been absent for yet another week, but i really do have a good excuse. this past week has been absolute torture: unit plans, papers, and reflections galore. seriously, i thought i would die, and i almost did. but luckily for you, here i am! still standing. 
and, due to my wonderful friends, i have had an incredible weekend! a perfect way to end a very imperfect week. let me tell you about it :)

friday night i went with my friend tim into philly to see john mark mcmillan in concert. AH! he was sweet, humble, and sounded great to boot. his voice is both raw and soothing at the same time; the perfect mix. and the venue (world cafe) was adorable and intimate. a great show! even though i am famously "not a concert person", i enjoyed hearing him play. unfortunately, i'm a dummy and forgot my camera, so i have no pictures :( ah well. moving on.

saturday was a most wonderful day, as me and ali went thrift shopping for our apartment!! there's really no containing my excitement over both the apartment itself and the lovely items we got for it. we spent most of our time at the local goodwill, where we found a treasure trove of amazing things! after that, we journeyed to michaels to get some inspiration, followed by jo-ann fabrics to get fabric for the AMAZING pillows we are going to make for our living room! thankfully, i do have pictures of these things to share with you...ali lovingly arranged the items so i could snap some fun photos:

a fabulous antique mirror, a smaller mirror in a wooden frame, six blue bowls, three rice bowls with the cutest pattern ever, a medium-size yellow pfaltzgraff bowl, 4 mugs (can you tell which ones alex picked and which ones i picked?)...all for a stunning 25 BUCKS!!! yeah...that's what goodwill will get you. 
the fabric cost an additional $25 or so, which we are estimating will make us about 8 pillows? pretty awesome if you ask me...
here are close-ups of all the fabric:

incredible, no? we are so excited to see everything come together! we still need a lot of items unfortunately, like a couch and a kitchen know, those things that are somewhat important. we definitely care more about decor than practicality...but still, if you feel like gifting us a couch, we'll love you forever...

have a sweet sunny spring monday,


  1. Those are some great fabrics! And those cups! I'm jealous.

  2. aww, thanks so much! yes, we definitely lucked out...we were beyond excited that entire day! can't wait to put them all to use!