Wednesday, May 25, 2011

it's a new day

i don't know about any of you, but when i wake up the morning i am always hungry and craving something sweet. eggs and bacon (while delicious) just don't do it for me when i first get up. i usually grab cereal and fruit, which is a normal and totally acceptable behavior. but every once in a while...i do something bad. typically it happens when i baked something for dessert the previous evening. i come downstairs, and there's a covered plate or baking pan sitting on the counter, full of delicious treats. and i see them, and i try to tell myself that i cannot, MUST not eat cookies or brownies (etc.) for breakfast. today was one of those days. and while i did start out with a bowl of kashi cereal (see?? i'm healthy!), i then saw the aluminum foil-covered plate holding these delicious nutella sandwich cookies, recipe courtesy of Emma via her sister's blog, A Beautiful Mess:


YUM!! me and ali made them last night, and unfortunately my tummy was not happy with me so i had to wait until today to try one. 
they taste delicious, but their one flaw is the fact that they are SO HARD, like break-your-teeth hard. i have no idea why they turned out that way, or if they were supposed to? at any rate, they tasted great and softened up perfectly well when dipped in a glass of milk. 

what's a new cookie recipe you've found? did you have good luck with it? 
also, i'm really curious to know how to make cookies stay softer, so if any of you have advice, please share!!

have a lovely, lovely wednesday.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

bird never flies


today is a fun day, because one of my best friends, alex, has come to stay for the week! she arrived by bus this morning, and shortly after that we set out to nearby new cumberland (a little town near mine) to browse some little shops. so cute! on our way home we stumbled into a tiny antique shop with Shabby Chic - like decor. as a result, i figured i would share some of my most favorite rooms styled by the queen of Chic herself, Rachel Ashwell:

these dreamy rooms are everything that i love...i've been inspired by Rachel's designs and flea-market creativity since i was very young, and her style certainly influences every room i decorate. had i three wishes, a house full of Shabby Chic would certainly be one of them :)

who/what inspires you?

happy tuesday!

Monday, May 23, 2011

you're lovely; never, ever change

good morning!

i've been wanting a set of recipe cards SO BADLY for a while now, and these ones from the Rifle Paper Co. make my little heart flutter: 

Blue Floral Recipe Cards

i adore the throwback font and layout, and i'm always a sucker for anything floral. 

now all i need to do is score myself a job, and these beauties will be mine :)
happy monday!

Friday, May 20, 2011

famous fashion friday

hello again!

SO, i've decided to take the fabulous advice from elsie on a beautiful mess: in her section called 5 Tips For Bloggers, elsie recommends creating regular features that your readers can expect from you weekly or however often you decide. this provides a consistency to your blog, and it's also just something fun to look forward to writing/reading!

after thinking it over, i decided that my first regular feature will be "famous fashion friday", in which i will highlight a celebrity who's style i admire, and then provide some affordable examples of how to get her look! this will bring together my love of fashion and my obsessively extensive knowledge of celebrities (seriously, ask me who anybody's dating, i guarantee i'll know it).

so let's get down to it, shall we?

a few days ago i talked about Desperate Housewives character Bree, played by the ohsogorgeous Marcia Cross

she's beautiful onscreen and off, but it's her character Bree's wardrobe that melts my heart and makes me want to monogram something. 

sweater sets, blouses and trenches, OH MY!

so how can such peons as you and i dress like perfectionist Bree? 
here's a few (mostly) affordable outfit combinations to inspire your inner housewife:

look #1

(top: Gap, $20.00. pants: Gap, $59.50. bangle: Anthropologie, $118.00)

look #2

(top: Gap, $59.95. pants: Gap, $49.50. shoes: Anthropologie, $128.00)

happy shopping, my friends :)

p.s. do any of you have tips for putting images together into one little "outfit box" rather than putting them one below the other?

p.p.s. any idea how to post images from sites that won't let you save or transfer their images?

pumped up kicks

ahh, friday.

i hope you all are well on this lazy, rainy friday - at least that's how it is here in PA!
i've gotten a little lazy once again on the blogging front, i'm not very good at consistency...i
wish i knew how to be more fluent from post to post rather than simply throwing out random tidbits here and there, so if anybody has good advice for this newcomer, please share! i'd love to hear it :)

so as i wrote about in my last 2 posts, this past weekend/week i got to stay in d.c. with my davey! almost 4 whole days adventuring in such an awesome city; i had an amazing time! i took a TON of pictures, and i finally uploaded them all, so now it's time to take you on a little tour of what we were up to:

i finally arrived in d.c. late saturday evening. the weather was pretty miserable, so we stayed in and decided just to venture out the next day. sunday morning we headed to the eastern market, an adorable open-air market with tons of craft and antique vendors.

so much fun! we were surprised at how much there was to see, neither of us had ever been. it was a great way to spend the morning.
after that, we just walked around town a little bit; davey had a milkshake craving, so we got him one and then just kept on walking in the beautiful sun.

after that we hung out at the house for the evening with some of davey's friends, and then decided to walk around to see some of the monuments at night! it was beauteous.

 the capitol

 little cheeser :)

 (seriously, how could you resist this face?)

 the lincoln memorial (my favorite!)

to avoid this post being a marathon one that nobody feels like reading (i wouldn't blame you, haha!), i'll save the rest of the recap for later :) good? good. 
in the meantime, i hope your friday turns out to be even better than expected! i'm sure i'll be back with at least one more post today to fight my unemployed boredom :)


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

we are a part of a rhythm nation

good morning! or, good afternoon, if you are having a more productive day than i am :)

it is tuesday, and i was supposed to be on the road at this very moment headed away from dc and back towards home, but i decided to extend my stay one more night. i'm having a blast, and i hated the thought of leaving just yet! the only downside is that davey has to work, so he's at the office all day, leaving me with a whole lotta nothin to do thus far. but, we are meeting up for lunch, and then i'm going to strike out on my own in big ol' d.c. while he's stuck workin. not sure where i'm gonna go yet, but i'm sure i'll find something fun to do! 

in the meantime, i've been catching myself up on the latest episodes of desperate housewives. (dramatic, i know, but we all have our guilty pleasures, right?)

i think my favorite character on the show is bree, if only because of her impeccable taste:

the earlier seasons have her a little too uptight, but in the last few her character has mellowed out a little, and so has her wardrobe. she's the epitome of classy prep style, one that i have recently tried to incorporate into my own wardrobe (never thought i'd see the day when i wore a ralph lauren punk teenager self would cringe).
anyway, i'll do some hunting around and post some bree-inspired items for you to oooh and aaah over later :)
have a fabulous day! xo

*note: i wrote this yesterday, but forgot to post it until just now...haha, oops!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

you just wanna be startin somethin

good morning! look at me, keeping my word; twice in one week! i'm on a rollllll.

i am currently in washington, d.c. visiting my davey :) at the moment he's at his church handing out lunches to the homeless (what a wonderful heart he has, huh?), so i had a few moments to get a little post in.

i have been taking pictures, which i totally would put up right now if i hadn't forgotten to bring the cord for my camera...DANGIT. so instead, i'll share some adorable tops that i NEED (ok....want.) from ruche:

atlantic shores navy ruffle top

this one is unfortunately sold out (not that this non-working girl has the money to buy it anyway), but i absolutely adore it. would be perfect with some grey cropped pants like these ones from gap.

pick-a-posy ruffle cardigan in peach

this cardigan...i have not the words. the ruffles, the sweet sorbet color...gorgeous.

leave me with the leaves gray long sleeve top

and finally, this lovely grey leaf-decal top. not exactly summery, but i'd make it work :)

well friends, it's about time i get my lazy bum out of bed so i can get ready to greet this day! davey will be back any minute, and we've got the whole city of d.c. to explore! 

kick back, grab some coffee and a treat, and enjoy your sunday.


Friday, May 13, 2011

steady rockin all night long

hello and happy friday to you!
i was so SO excited to log on here to find that i now have 2 followers, my first ever!! so thank you, you 2, for deciding you like me enough to continue to read my ramblings :) thanks so much, it really means a lot to me!

so, 2 and friends, you will be happy (i hope) to know that i have vowed to blog AT LEAST 4 times a week for the rest of the summer. shocking, i know. but i realized that i really do enjoy writing them, almost (but not quite) as much as i enjoy reading other people's. new blog posts from my favorite bloggers bring a smile to my face, so why not spread the love? :)
also, at this moment i am still jobless, giving me plenty of time to write about little happenings and share things i love. deal? deal.

for my first post of the summer, i will share a few little snippets from my first week back at home:

this past weekend, davey came to stay with us! he puts up with the marsh family shenanigans quite well, so he's always welcome. saturday night we fancied ourselves up a (little) bit to dine at our favorite restaurant, Confit. it's a little french bistro right in the center of our tiny town, and the food is seriously drool-worthy.

mom and davey; they match!

the little nerd himself.

mom, juxtaposed between a plant and a wine bottle.

my cute parents :) dad's actually smiling - success!

haha, some hammy face, as per usual.

yayyy! so fun.

a fun time had by all, that was. i ordered the most amazing short ribs, which came with "macaroni gratin", which is fancy speak for MAC & CHEESE! it was nothing short of fabulous. davey ordered some sort of seafood-filled crepe, which sounds disgusting to me but he loved it! i wanted to spring for dessert, but everybody else was "too full"...LAME. 

the past week has been much more low-key, seeing as i have nothing to do while my family is at work and school and baseball. being jobless sucks. but, it has allowed me to spend time honing my martha stewart skills, such as cleaning, organizing, and baking. fun times! 
when i wasn't doing those things, i was trying out new outfits...

(too cowgirl? let me know...)

doing a little drawing/painting...

 my summer workspace...likey?

 work in progress...

and the not-quite-finished project. jut a tiny little thing.

so that's that! i know that was super long, but hopefully it was at least little enjoyable :)

i will leave you with the song that inspired the title of this post...beyond amazing.