Tuesday, May 24, 2011

bird never flies


today is a fun day, because one of my best friends, alex, has come to stay for the week! she arrived by bus this morning, and shortly after that we set out to nearby new cumberland (a little town near mine) to browse some little shops. so cute! on our way home we stumbled into a tiny antique shop with Shabby Chic - like decor. as a result, i figured i would share some of my most favorite rooms styled by the queen of Chic herself, Rachel Ashwell:

these dreamy rooms are everything that i love...i've been inspired by Rachel's designs and flea-market creativity since i was very young, and her style certainly influences every room i decorate. had i three wishes, a house full of Shabby Chic would certainly be one of them :)

who/what inspires you?

happy tuesday!

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