Wednesday, May 25, 2011

it's a new day

i don't know about any of you, but when i wake up the morning i am always hungry and craving something sweet. eggs and bacon (while delicious) just don't do it for me when i first get up. i usually grab cereal and fruit, which is a normal and totally acceptable behavior. but every once in a while...i do something bad. typically it happens when i baked something for dessert the previous evening. i come downstairs, and there's a covered plate or baking pan sitting on the counter, full of delicious treats. and i see them, and i try to tell myself that i cannot, MUST not eat cookies or brownies (etc.) for breakfast. today was one of those days. and while i did start out with a bowl of kashi cereal (see?? i'm healthy!), i then saw the aluminum foil-covered plate holding these delicious nutella sandwich cookies, recipe courtesy of Emma via her sister's blog, A Beautiful Mess:


YUM!! me and ali made them last night, and unfortunately my tummy was not happy with me so i had to wait until today to try one. 
they taste delicious, but their one flaw is the fact that they are SO HARD, like break-your-teeth hard. i have no idea why they turned out that way, or if they were supposed to? at any rate, they tasted great and softened up perfectly well when dipped in a glass of milk. 

what's a new cookie recipe you've found? did you have good luck with it? 
also, i'm really curious to know how to make cookies stay softer, so if any of you have advice, please share!!

have a lovely, lovely wednesday.


  1. Ahhh, YUM! I saw this on her blog and I've been wanting to make it!

  2. they are amazingly yummy - great for a little teatime snack :)