Friday, May 20, 2011

pumped up kicks

ahh, friday.

i hope you all are well on this lazy, rainy friday - at least that's how it is here in PA!
i've gotten a little lazy once again on the blogging front, i'm not very good at consistency...i
wish i knew how to be more fluent from post to post rather than simply throwing out random tidbits here and there, so if anybody has good advice for this newcomer, please share! i'd love to hear it :)

so as i wrote about in my last 2 posts, this past weekend/week i got to stay in d.c. with my davey! almost 4 whole days adventuring in such an awesome city; i had an amazing time! i took a TON of pictures, and i finally uploaded them all, so now it's time to take you on a little tour of what we were up to:

i finally arrived in d.c. late saturday evening. the weather was pretty miserable, so we stayed in and decided just to venture out the next day. sunday morning we headed to the eastern market, an adorable open-air market with tons of craft and antique vendors.

so much fun! we were surprised at how much there was to see, neither of us had ever been. it was a great way to spend the morning.
after that, we just walked around town a little bit; davey had a milkshake craving, so we got him one and then just kept on walking in the beautiful sun.

after that we hung out at the house for the evening with some of davey's friends, and then decided to walk around to see some of the monuments at night! it was beauteous.

 the capitol

 little cheeser :)

 (seriously, how could you resist this face?)

 the lincoln memorial (my favorite!)

to avoid this post being a marathon one that nobody feels like reading (i wouldn't blame you, haha!), i'll save the rest of the recap for later :) good? good. 
in the meantime, i hope your friday turns out to be even better than expected! i'm sure i'll be back with at least one more post today to fight my unemployed boredom :)


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