Friday, May 13, 2011

steady rockin all night long

hello and happy friday to you!
i was so SO excited to log on here to find that i now have 2 followers, my first ever!! so thank you, you 2, for deciding you like me enough to continue to read my ramblings :) thanks so much, it really means a lot to me!

so, 2 and friends, you will be happy (i hope) to know that i have vowed to blog AT LEAST 4 times a week for the rest of the summer. shocking, i know. but i realized that i really do enjoy writing them, almost (but not quite) as much as i enjoy reading other people's. new blog posts from my favorite bloggers bring a smile to my face, so why not spread the love? :)
also, at this moment i am still jobless, giving me plenty of time to write about little happenings and share things i love. deal? deal.

for my first post of the summer, i will share a few little snippets from my first week back at home:

this past weekend, davey came to stay with us! he puts up with the marsh family shenanigans quite well, so he's always welcome. saturday night we fancied ourselves up a (little) bit to dine at our favorite restaurant, Confit. it's a little french bistro right in the center of our tiny town, and the food is seriously drool-worthy.

mom and davey; they match!

the little nerd himself.

mom, juxtaposed between a plant and a wine bottle.

my cute parents :) dad's actually smiling - success!

haha, some hammy face, as per usual.

yayyy! so fun.

a fun time had by all, that was. i ordered the most amazing short ribs, which came with "macaroni gratin", which is fancy speak for MAC & CHEESE! it was nothing short of fabulous. davey ordered some sort of seafood-filled crepe, which sounds disgusting to me but he loved it! i wanted to spring for dessert, but everybody else was "too full"...LAME. 

the past week has been much more low-key, seeing as i have nothing to do while my family is at work and school and baseball. being jobless sucks. but, it has allowed me to spend time honing my martha stewart skills, such as cleaning, organizing, and baking. fun times! 
when i wasn't doing those things, i was trying out new outfits...

(too cowgirl? let me know...)

doing a little drawing/painting...

 my summer workspace...likey?

 work in progress...

and the not-quite-finished project. jut a tiny little thing.

so that's that! i know that was super long, but hopefully it was at least little enjoyable :)

i will leave you with the song that inspired the title of this post...beyond amazing.

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