Wednesday, May 18, 2011

we are a part of a rhythm nation

good morning! or, good afternoon, if you are having a more productive day than i am :)

it is tuesday, and i was supposed to be on the road at this very moment headed away from dc and back towards home, but i decided to extend my stay one more night. i'm having a blast, and i hated the thought of leaving just yet! the only downside is that davey has to work, so he's at the office all day, leaving me with a whole lotta nothin to do thus far. but, we are meeting up for lunch, and then i'm going to strike out on my own in big ol' d.c. while he's stuck workin. not sure where i'm gonna go yet, but i'm sure i'll find something fun to do! 

in the meantime, i've been catching myself up on the latest episodes of desperate housewives. (dramatic, i know, but we all have our guilty pleasures, right?)

i think my favorite character on the show is bree, if only because of her impeccable taste:

the earlier seasons have her a little too uptight, but in the last few her character has mellowed out a little, and so has her wardrobe. she's the epitome of classy prep style, one that i have recently tried to incorporate into my own wardrobe (never thought i'd see the day when i wore a ralph lauren punk teenager self would cringe).
anyway, i'll do some hunting around and post some bree-inspired items for you to oooh and aaah over later :)
have a fabulous day! xo

*note: i wrote this yesterday, but forgot to post it until just now...haha, oops!

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