Sunday, May 15, 2011

you just wanna be startin somethin

good morning! look at me, keeping my word; twice in one week! i'm on a rollllll.

i am currently in washington, d.c. visiting my davey :) at the moment he's at his church handing out lunches to the homeless (what a wonderful heart he has, huh?), so i had a few moments to get a little post in.

i have been taking pictures, which i totally would put up right now if i hadn't forgotten to bring the cord for my camera...DANGIT. so instead, i'll share some adorable tops that i NEED (ok....want.) from ruche:

atlantic shores navy ruffle top

this one is unfortunately sold out (not that this non-working girl has the money to buy it anyway), but i absolutely adore it. would be perfect with some grey cropped pants like these ones from gap.

pick-a-posy ruffle cardigan in peach

this cardigan...i have not the words. the ruffles, the sweet sorbet color...gorgeous.

leave me with the leaves gray long sleeve top

and finally, this lovely grey leaf-decal top. not exactly summery, but i'd make it work :)

well friends, it's about time i get my lazy bum out of bed so i can get ready to greet this day! davey will be back any minute, and we've got the whole city of d.c. to explore! 

kick back, grab some coffee and a treat, and enjoy your sunday.


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