Thursday, June 30, 2011

coffee + biscotti = heaven

(it really does. biscotti will be in heaven, i just know it.)

i've been telling you all about my long and lazy summer, and - worry not - it is still lazy :) and while it has often been quite boring, it's been really really good for my creativity. the boredom has forced me to make my own fun, and so i have turned to wonderful things like blogging and drawing! things that i love, but normally just don't take the time to do, because...well, i'm lazy. so just about everyday i've been forcing myself off the couch and onto the patio in our backyard, where i sit in the beautiful sunshine and read and sketch.

i've loved it so much. i took pictures of my most recent ones, just so i could share them with you! 

(take it easy on me, these are practice sketches :) i've always been awful at profiles, so i'm working on it!)

(the last three have quotes from songs by the vespers...give them a listen!)

welp, i'm off to perhaps draw a little while before going to watch my brother parker play baseball! how i love a baseball game on a warm summer evening :) 
hope you have a wonderful evening as well!
get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

i take off for london in a little less than two weeks, and i'm hoping that once i'm there i'll be able to get my hands on this adorable commemorative tin:

cute, no?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

llamas and donkeys and sheep - OH MY!

this past weekend i went with my wonderful grandparents to visit a farm owned by a lady from my childhood church. she was having a "shearing day", when all the animals were getting their little coats taken off to be spun and made into yarn! if you know me at all, you know i love animals, especially of the farm variety. i was thrilled to get to hang out with all the sweet little creatures, even if sometimes they were a little bit frightening (LLAMAS). 

i didn't take a ton of pictures, but here's a few shots of this beautiful day:

how SWEET are those faces?? 
in addition to watching the shearing i also got to see a sheep being milked - did you know you can drink sheep's milk? sounds a little iffy to me, but i hear it's good. 
anyway, i just adore their little noses, i could pet and kiss them all day. if i could have animals of my own i absolutely would! (if i could hire a real farmer to take care of them for me, of course :) )

what did you do last weekend? anything special or interesting? what are your plans for this upcoming weekend? 

have a most lovely tuesday

Monday, June 27, 2011

just can't get enough

i recently stumbled upon these beautifully intricate paintings by joel penkman (via a blog which i cannot currently remember...)

these paintings are what i would create in my dreams - art pieces with food are my absolute favorite, i think because food is so ordinary; it's something everybody can obviously relate to. and ordinary things tend to be the most beautiful, at least to me.
anyway, these nearly took my breath away:

Blackpool rock
{"blackpool rock"}

Custard tart
{"custard tart"}


Strawberry punnet
{"strawberry punnet"}


Wensleydale cheeses on water crackers
{"wensleydale cheeses on water crackers"}

{"teacup with PG tips"}

Cox apple
{"cox apple"}

i mean really, how much more beautiful could you get?
if only i could create things this magical. maybe someday i'll learn...

hope this rainy day/monday isn't gettin' you down :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

give in to me

it's no secret that home decor is the love of my life, matched only perhaps by stationery/paper goods. as such, when i find "homethings" that i really love, i just HAVE to share them.

so when i came across this adorably decorated home on etsy, i knew i'd have to write about it! 

the plates on the wall...the vintage still, my heart.

this kitchen...there are no words. look at that pink stove. {me and alex actually HAVE a pink stove in our apartment this year! cannot wait to cook on/bake inside of it :) }
the open shelves are amazing as well, and i adore the mismatching dishes.

i love the simplicity and warm comfort of this bedroom. very no-fuss!

i know stacked vintage luggage is becoming a bit overdone, but i still think it's so neat! and the blue chair and dress forms make for a perfectly sweet little corner.

doesn't the sweetness of this home give you a warm feeling inside?? it's so fun to plan and dream of future spaces that i will get to decorate all by myself! i'm so looking forward to this year at school {my last!}, if only because alex and i get to decorate an entire {tiny} apartment. fun times ahead :)
i hope that wherever you are, this brightened your night a little and made you excited about your own space, present or future.


(photos: etsy)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

"good morning, young prince!"

Walt Disney Pictures' Bambi

Walt Disney Pictures' Bambi

Walt Disney Pictures' Bambi

Walt Disney Pictures' Bambi

disney's "bambi" has the most beautiful animation i have ever seen. i've loved it since i was a kid - the muted colors, the layers of foreground & background, the lighting and shading...always made my little artsy girl heart happy. and it still does. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


sweet snippets of simple beauty...

bride confetti

There are always birds on my desk

...because we all need a little inspiration now and then.