Wednesday, June 8, 2011


happy wednesday afternoon to you!
i hope your week is going splendidly, and not overly slowly like mine seems to be. waiting for the weekend (especially when your weekend includes going to visit your seldomly-seen boyfriend) is AWFUL.  
in either case, here's a few pretties i came across via marie claire (uk version):

Zara frilled dress, £35.99
(zara, 35.99 {pounds})

H&M stripe dress, £19.99
(h&m, 19.99 {pounds})

Zara red dress, £49.99
(zara, 49.99 {pounds})

A| Wear Pink Bow Prom dress, £40
(a wear, 40 {pounds})

River Island orange stripe prom dress, £34,99
(river island, 34.99 {pounds})

adorable, no? i love all the bright colors that are out this inspiring!


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