Thursday, June 30, 2011

coffee + biscotti = heaven

(it really does. biscotti will be in heaven, i just know it.)

i've been telling you all about my long and lazy summer, and - worry not - it is still lazy :) and while it has often been quite boring, it's been really really good for my creativity. the boredom has forced me to make my own fun, and so i have turned to wonderful things like blogging and drawing! things that i love, but normally just don't take the time to do, because...well, i'm lazy. so just about everyday i've been forcing myself off the couch and onto the patio in our backyard, where i sit in the beautiful sunshine and read and sketch.

i've loved it so much. i took pictures of my most recent ones, just so i could share them with you! 

(take it easy on me, these are practice sketches :) i've always been awful at profiles, so i'm working on it!)

(the last three have quotes from songs by the vespers...give them a listen!)

welp, i'm off to perhaps draw a little while before going to watch my brother parker play baseball! how i love a baseball game on a warm summer evening :) 
hope you have a wonderful evening as well!
get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

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