Sunday, June 26, 2011

give in to me

it's no secret that home decor is the love of my life, matched only perhaps by stationery/paper goods. as such, when i find "homethings" that i really love, i just HAVE to share them.

so when i came across this adorably decorated home on etsy, i knew i'd have to write about it! 

the plates on the wall...the vintage still, my heart.

this kitchen...there are no words. look at that pink stove. {me and alex actually HAVE a pink stove in our apartment this year! cannot wait to cook on/bake inside of it :) }
the open shelves are amazing as well, and i adore the mismatching dishes.

i love the simplicity and warm comfort of this bedroom. very no-fuss!

i know stacked vintage luggage is becoming a bit overdone, but i still think it's so neat! and the blue chair and dress forms make for a perfectly sweet little corner.

doesn't the sweetness of this home give you a warm feeling inside?? it's so fun to plan and dream of future spaces that i will get to decorate all by myself! i'm so looking forward to this year at school {my last!}, if only because alex and i get to decorate an entire {tiny} apartment. fun times ahead :)
i hope that wherever you are, this brightened your night a little and made you excited about your own space, present or future.


(photos: etsy)

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