Monday, June 27, 2011

just can't get enough

i recently stumbled upon these beautifully intricate paintings by joel penkman (via a blog which i cannot currently remember...)

these paintings are what i would create in my dreams - art pieces with food are my absolute favorite, i think because food is so ordinary; it's something everybody can obviously relate to. and ordinary things tend to be the most beautiful, at least to me.
anyway, these nearly took my breath away:

Blackpool rock
{"blackpool rock"}

Custard tart
{"custard tart"}


Strawberry punnet
{"strawberry punnet"}


Wensleydale cheeses on water crackers
{"wensleydale cheeses on water crackers"}

{"teacup with PG tips"}

Cox apple
{"cox apple"}

i mean really, how much more beautiful could you get?
if only i could create things this magical. maybe someday i'll learn...

hope this rainy day/monday isn't gettin' you down :)

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