Friday, July 8, 2011

beach love

well, we are nearing the end of our week in ocean city. it's always sad to leave the beach...the quaint little town all aflutter with people, the salty breeze and the sound of crashing waves...things too beautiful not to miss! what's not to love about the shore?

we always have such a lovely time here. and i even took some pictures to prove it :)

 scrabble with the grandparents - an evening well spent!
(i won :) )

despite our happy expressions, sparklers are not nearly as exciting during the day. but i just couldn't wait.

strawberry shortcake, made by me!

a beautiful beach sunset.

grandparents & mommy!

ahh, sparklers at night are so much more successful.

blurry fireworks pictures...definitely don't do them justice! they were beautiful this year.

outside a sweet little coffeeshop in stone harbor.

oh coop...

a little parrot friend!

do you sense a pattern?

at our new favorite cafe in ocean city.

coop booked a little magic show outside an ice cream awesome! he's the best.

my dearest coop :)

just a little view into our favorite week of the summer! you'll have to forgive the picture quality, i had to use my mom's camera which i am not at all familiar with, seeing as how mine had an accident (*cough*fell off a rollercoaster *cough*)...anyway, hopefully i'll figure out how to use her camera if she decides to let me borrow it for a while...

hope you all have had a wonderful week as well!
be back soon.

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