Friday, July 15, 2011


i thought of something!

it's been a very VERY long time since i've done a famous fashion friday post, so i figured since i can't post photos of my own, this would do just fine :)

on the trip over, one of the movies offered to watch was Chocolat, starring juliette binoche, judi dench, and johnny depp (why yes...he is the reason i watched it).

i had never seen Chocolat, but i had always heard great things about it, and let me tell you - they were true! it's a wonderful story, sweet yet poignant. i loved it from start to finish.
i've always loved juliette binoche, and as soon as i saw her in this film i knew i just HAD to post about her! (i swear i did, i even wrote it down so i wouldn't forget :) )

there wasn't much to her style to the movie - very basic - but perhaps that's why i liked it. sweet, flowy dresses and simple jewelry, and bright, splashy colors were staples. 
you have to see the movie to truly appreciate her use of color; i don't want to give it away, so i won't say anything more. you just have to see it!

and just so you know, johnny depp was only in about 20 minutes of the movie...

still worth it :)

hope you have a lovely day/evening!

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