Monday, July 18, 2011


my iphoto has decided to fix itself :)
so without further ado, here's a few snippets from our life in london thus far:

 (exhibits at the south bank center)

(my wonderful little brother, coop :) )

 (a little afternoon tea & snacks)

 (chocolate covered bananas & strawberries)

(silliness in the maritime museum at greenwich)

(fabulous street performers - we even bought their cd!)

 (my favorite market - at greenwich)

(a freshly made churro, coated in cinnamon & sugar and filled with melted chocolate. oh. my. so. good.)

(a little snack of wholegrain pita, hummus, and the freshest, most delicious cucumber i've ever eaten - from borough market)

(lovely musicians in covent garden!)

hope you are having a fabulous week, my dear friends :)

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