Wednesday, July 20, 2011

hello, chap

well good evening! 
just thought i'd pop in to tell you about my day. 


so after i did that, me and my mom visited the beautiful st. paul's cathedral. i'd seen the outside a few times before, but never took a tour (the one time we tried it was evacuated for a fire), and today seemed like the perfect day to do it!

view from the outside. gorgeous architecture. to think that princess diana was lucky enough to get married in such a beautiful place! in my dreams i would get married here too.

unfortunately they don't allow pictures inside (UGHHH), but before i knew that i got these two shots of this gated-off chapel area with statues. not that exciting, i know. :(

as we were leaving i spotted this little scene, which just sort of struck me as quintessential london. 

well i'm getting sleepy (after all, it is almost 11 pm here in britain!), so i must go.
hope you all have a lovely evening and a wonderful night.

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