Friday, July 8, 2011

obsession x2

hello again, my sweet friends.

so. i am completely, utterly, beyond-words OBSESSED with Pinterest!
if you are one of unfortunate souls who haven't visited it yet, take my advice and DO IT. 
it is absolutely the most wonderful source of inspiration for just about anything you could possibly want to do. 
if my crazed, out-of-breath non-explanation hasn't made it clear enough to you yet, just do yourself and a favor and visit :)

that said, i have spent this entire day "pinning" things and adding to my various "boards". 
(i'm not ENTIRELY lame - it's been storming here at the beach all day...what else could i do??)
and through my search for things to add to my "Home." board, i have discovered a new bedroom style i adore. 
i give you - the pallet bed:

so so sweet - simple, rustic, and charming.
i would definitely do this in a place of my own!
do you love??

well, i have been staring at my computer screen for FAR too long, so i think i may go do something worthwhile...(or maybe not :) )

have a lovely evening, and if you can't sleep tonight, be sure to visit my Pinterest!


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