Thursday, August 4, 2011

all the other kids with the pumped up kicks

hello sweet friends! greetings to you from London - for the last time!
tomorrow morning we leave to go back home to sweet Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
as fortunate as i have been to have the opportunity to travel to London these past few years, i must admit to you all that travel is not something that is dear to my heart. i love to be in places, but the getting there sometimes ruins parts of the trip for me. and at the end of it all, i would always rather be home safe and sound in America (specifically my beloved PA :) ). 
anyway, this is not the time to talk about my travel fears; suffice it to say, i'm just so very glad to be going home!

as a parting post, i figured i would bring you the rest of my austria pictures, as well as a few other randoms. k? k :)

i left off when we were on the Sound of Music tour - at this point we arrived at Mondsee, a little town where the church Maria and Mr. Von Trapp got married in (in the movie not in real life).
it was an adorable little town by a lake - so quaint! the buildings were pretty pastel colors, and the church a beautiful bright yellow! we only had about an hour in the town before we had to get back on the bus, but it was fun while it lasted!

the gorgeous church!

it was pretty inside too...

"Please...something something, something...the church."
(yeah....still workin on that German...)

BEAUTIFUL altar area.

 and a gorgeous side prayer room, with candles everywhere and a beautiful statue of Mary.

after getting back from the tour, we were all hungry and very excited to go to the Augustiner Brauesteubl for dinner - a brewery run by Augustinian monks back in the day! i had seen it while researching places to go in Salzburg, and several locals told us that we definitely had to go there, so our expectations were high!

water fountain to clean out your mug between beer fillings! the floor was so sticky, COVERED in beer, haha!

they had several stands to choose food from, all very authentic German/Austrian food! me and mom chose stuffed chicken halves and baked potatoes covered in some sort of cream - yums!

and dad and coop had sausages.

all in all the brewery was an ok experience - i didn't get too many pictures because it was a ZOO in there. the building itself was very dirty and loud, and in the outdoor Biergarten (beer garden) where we ate it was also crowded and swarming with bees. the food was pretty good, and i guess we got the experience of a true Austrian beer garden, but i definitely expected it to be better after all the hype!

after that we walked back to our hotel, and after some shop browsing we settled in for our last night in Salzburg. (SO SAD!)

the next morning, we set out for Vienna. 
if you want my honest opinion, it wasn't all it's cracked up to be. 
to me, it seemed to be just like any other city, but less interesting. haha! sorry to shatter the dreams of any of you who have been dying to go to Vienna, but i just didn't think it was all that great, especially after experiencing the beauty and charm of Salzburg! 
but, i did get a few pictures here and there of random things we did. so here goes nothin.

ah, starbucks. blissfully the same in every country :)

 a shot of the jankity headphones on the bus tour from hell.
as soon as i sat on the dirty, cheap plastic seat, i knew it would be bad.
yeah...we had to put those ON OUR HEADS.

clearly mom shared the same opinion.

the following is a video that pretty well sums up our tour.
"can't hear anything? don't feel bad; neither can we."

mid-tour, our bus pulled over on the side of the road so that we could get out for a 20 minute break, to use the restroom and "take pictures". our response?
...take pictures of what?....

grody buildings...

jankity tourist trap...

...the fantastic view?

...yeah. well, at least i got to go to the bathroom (so.dirty.).

and another video of our awesome time.

the only cool thing in vienna - a ferris wheel with these little box rooms that people sometimes rent for dinner or drinks! neat, but terrifying.

so anyway, that sucked.
but dinner that night was nice!
a little tiny room with candlelight and a piano player :)
dad's beer - Edelweiss!

and the next morning we had breakfast in a cute little French-inspired cafe.
i had a muffin and a latte!

 dad had some sort of quiche...

and mama had a very European style breakfast of ham, cheese, bread with butter and jam, and a hard boiled egg.

after that me and mom went to a reallllly super old church in the middle of town, perhaps the only cool part of Vienna :)

they were having mass up front - all in German, but it sounded nice!

aaand that abruptly ends our European tour.
i guess i got tired of taking pictures of a city i wanted to leave.
(bitter? me? nooo...)
in all honesty, Vienna was fine, i just wish we could have had longer in Salzburg! it was magical. perhaps my favorite place i have ever visited!

and now i must go, because i am BURNING UP IN THIS APARTMENT! 
Europe's lack of air conditioning is going to my brain. 
tomorrow, back to America i go!
goodnight loves :)

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