Tuesday, August 16, 2011

looking for color in a shade of grey

good morning, sweet friends!
i apologize for being m.i.a. the past few days, i really have no excuse!
one of these days i WILL get better at this, i promise. 

well, it's a cloudy, breezy tuesday here in Pennsylvania, and i'm enjoying every moment that isn't blistering hot like our August typically is! i cannot say enough how glad i am to be home after all my time away this summer. sometimes i catch myself smiling to myself out of nowhere, simply because i am so in love with my hometown. i think it's probably bordering on obsession, if i'm being honest. but you know, i'm alright with that!

do you feel the same way about your hometown/state?
what do you love the most about it?
i'd love to hear from you, wherever you're from!
(even though PA wins. every. time.)

well, enough about my unhealthy affinity for America for now.
instead, why don't i share a few pictures of beautiful makeup looks i've found on Pinterest that have inspired me lately? sound good?
well here you go :)

ah! so clean and fresh, a gorgeous youthful look. 
i love the muted colors of her blouse and jacket too! a great contrast to the bright headscarf.

another of my favorites...blonde hair would never suit me, but i do love it so!
i especially love the peachy blush and the twist in the front.

this look is polished and professional, a la Kim Kardashian. 
i love the defined eyebrows and nude, shiny lips.

i am in love with this look. her beauty is ethereal, almost other-worldly...gorgeous.
i LOVE red lips, especially this deep vintage red.

i definitely am going to try to modify and recreate these looks in the near future!
which one do you like the best, or which would most fit your everyday style?

hope you all have a wonderful evening!
i'll be back soon, i promise :)



  1. I know what you mean about your hometown, I find myself smiling about my own now and then (Frederick, MD). I'm living a thousand miles from it now, and it's definitely hard sometimes!

    I love these looks - especially the second one! I'm a sucker for blush!

  2. aw i'm sure it is hard! i cant imagine living that far from my beloved Camp Hill :) and yes, blush just makes everything better, doesn't it?

    thank you so much for following me, i feel so honored that you'd pick to read my humble little blog :) i really appreciate it!