Sunday, August 28, 2011

rock you like a hurricane

i hate hurricanes. 

we have been rocked by Hurricane Irene,
and i am not ok with it.
we have no power at my house, and therefore no hot water, and likely won't have it until Thursday of this week. 
thankfully, i go back to school on Tuesday, but my poor parents will have to live by candle and flashlight!
which sounds fun in theory, but when you have to take ice showers and can't cook anything, the romance of it all sort of dwindles away.
the only fun part to come out of this situation is that i get to sleep over at my grandparent's house until i leave :) they are the best, we always have fun.
tomorrow i will have to rush home as soon as i wake up to pack for school in a frenzy while we have daylight! 

all that to say, my NYC post will have to be delayed for a few more days :(
i really am excited to share my pictures with you all, and as soon as i'm settled into school it will be first on the priority list! 

thank you to all of you who follow my little blog, and also to those of you who just happen to stumble here every once in a while! 
i appreciate every person that chooses to read my ramblings :)
and thank you for the sweet comments - i love reading and answering them, so please don't hesitate!

i'm off to spend time with my wonderful grandparents!
i hope all of you are safe, well, and with power!
and if not, i hope you have lovely family members or friends to take you in :)
goodnight loves.



  1. Stay safe with Irene! I hope all services are returned quickly! She thankfully blew some angry gusts and sheets of rain our way here in MA (still going with the intense wind) but nothing too too bad. Good luck with moving in! :D

  2. thank you!! sounds like you guys lucked out, that's awesome. no power is sad! thanks for stopping by :)