Friday, August 19, 2011

sweet rain.

today i...

...woke up to my friend Trevor installing lights in our bathroom (he works for our friend who does home-fixing stuff). i didn't know he was coming, and i think i scared him with my sleepy eyes and bed hair.

...ate veggie straws and string cheese for lunch. not exactly a balanced meal. 

...wore (and am still wearing) my most favorite outfit, jean shorts and a white tshirt.

...took my laptop, notebook, and Bible to Starbucks and sat with my favorite drink (tall decaf latte). asked about my Bible by a man sitting next to me, who turned out to be a believer too - love unexpected conversations!

...was inspired by the work of Stephen Wiltshire, a London-based artist who also happens to be an autistic savant with complete photographic memory. people are incredible, aren't they? going to babysit the sweet son of some dear friends, and i can't wait! (i'll try to take pictures to share later.) loving this song:

have a wonderful day, and enjoy this lovely storm if it happens to be in your area too!



  1. Hi, just stumbled across your blog! so cute! I have scared many people away with bed hair, hahaha. My hubby is convinced the best conversation starter is to read your bible in public. Happy Saturday!

  2. hi! thank you so much for visiting and commenting, i appreciate it so much! and yes, it seems that it really is good way to talk to people!
    thanks again :)