Saturday, August 6, 2011

you're not alone tonight, baby me there is nothing sweeter. 
it's a warm rainy day here in Pennsylvania, and i couldn't be happier to be back in my country, my state, my town, my home.

in other news, i've been drawing a ton lately, and i realized that the whole reason i started this blog was to have a place to share my drawings and illustrations. so i think it's about time to do just that! 
for my next few posts, i'll post a picture of my drawing, along with links or pictures of what inspired that particular illustration. 
so without further ado, the first of this series:

"a modern guy's girl."

inspired by...

1. "Perth", off of Bon Iver's self-titled album

2. This image of 1960's supermodel Twiggy 
(via Google Images)

3. Actress Michelle Williams

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