Thursday, September 1, 2011

hi sweet friends!!

i am writing to you from my apartment back at school, sitting in my room while my wonderful friend and roommate unpacks the rest of her's a slow process :)
we are getting all settled in and slowly making the place look as cute as it possibly can (anyone who's lived in a dorm or school-owned apartment knows what i'm sayin').
it's coming together here and there, but it's still mostly empty since we have no furniture yet, besides our beds, dressers, and desks that come with the apartment.
thankfully our parents are coming this weekend with our furniture and any miscellaneous items we left behind! 
pictures will come, don't worry (along with NYC pictures...seriously life has been crazy!), but not until it's complete!
until then, i thought i'd share some links that made me happy today :)
enjoy, and i will be back as soon as i can!

...this sweet post over at Sappy Apple

...this adorable outfit worn by Emma of Food Coma

...this sweet birthday post by James of Bleubird Vintage (her children are so beautiful!)

*on a more serious note, please pray with me for this sweet little girl Shannon wrote about on her blog. there is power in prayer!*

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