Tuesday, September 6, 2011


ok....OK. ok. i keep saying i'm gonna get better at this, and then i DON'T AT ALL.

but see, right now i have a real excuse, because i'm getting back into the swing of classes and i have been a busy little bee! maybe that's not a good enough excuse...i'm just soohoohoorrryyyyyy!!!

...so. to make it up to you, i have compiled some fun little this-and-thats for you to look at/listen to/dream about that made my week a little sweeter. ok?? don't give up on me just yet :)

1. this has been passed around blogland pretty rapidly lately, so i'm sure many of you have seen it, but new zealand label twentysevennames' lookbook is FAABULOOOUUUS
(i tried to post them, but they didn't show up for some reason...but go look!)

2. this new video by the always-incredible LIGHTS

3. these pretty pictures taken by katie over at pencil box. she is like, in my top 5 favorite bloggers for sure. her pictures are perfection. visit her!



i literally look forward to these all year, and me and my two best friends here at school ventured out in the nasty rain yesterday to get them...SO. WORTH IT. 

5. i fell in love with this magical bridesmaid photoshoot that i found via Green Wedding Shoes (the BEST wedding blog, in case you've never heard it. i'm not getting married, but it's fun to plan ahead anyway :) )

bohemian bridesmiads

bohemian bridemaids

bridemaids in forest

black bridemaids dress

ok, now that you enjoyed those pretty things, remember why you like to visit me, and forget that i'm terribly forgetful and bad at writing when i say i will. deal???

have a wonderful evening loves, and be sure to get your hands on a pumpkin spice latte asap :)


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  1. What an awesome, special idea for bridesmaids photos! Also, much love to Katie's Pencil Box!