Thursday, October 6, 2011


hello friends, and a very sweet morning to you :)

i am home for Fall break, which means 5 days of coffee dates, sleeping in, yummy food that i don't have to pay for, and sweet time with my lovely family.

it's sort of a bittersweet time for me, as it is one of the last times we will all be together in this house - my parents have found their dream home (the brick one is ours!), and we will be moving in the beginning of December. 
i am a little bit devastated to be leaving our sweet home; we've lived here since i was in 6th grade, and there are just so many memories stored inside these walls. me and my brothers becoming teenagers and then young adults, countless sleepovers with best friends, school dance photos, high school loves, first kisses and breakups, graduation parties and holidays with family - all happened here. 

so this weekend is about loving my home and spending time with the people who make it beautiful. until i have to say goodbye to my house and hometown, i will rejoice in how blessed i am to have grown up here. it is the most wonderful place i know. 

i'm off to spend the rest of today drinking coffee and drawing to my little heart's content - how are you going to spend your weekend, friends?
whatever it is, make sure you add a little Autumn spice to it.


Sunday, October 2, 2011


one day i'll be a good and faithful blogger, for real.

as promised, if you can even remember that far into the past, more pictures from my NYC trip back in august :)

NYC Part 2

photos of the gorgeous Barnard campus, the school that my beautiful friend Noel attends.

that evening at the most incredible Lebanese restaurant...just look at that delicious hummus/goat cheese/lamb spread!

 the next morning we went to a fabulous cafe, which i can't remember the name of for the life of me. 

this is a creepy picture of blurry strangers, but i just had to get a quick shot of the inside - so neat!

after breakfast we headed to the Met, where we first looked through the most incredible Ancient Egypt exhibit. i have always been fascinated with ancient Egyptian culture, so i was super excited to see everything they had.

the most exquisitely carved jewelry...can you believe it has lasted thousands of years?

these next few prints are amazing, i was so inspired by the bright colors!

these tiny models were placed in tombs, as symbols of sailing into the afterlife.

...a wig!

this wooden artists' pallet still had paint in it....THOUSAND YEAR OLD PAINT. incredible.

beyond-gorgeous signet rings...wish they'd let me borrow those beauties...