Wednesday, January 25, 2012

under the hazelnut moon

(a cup of cranberry tea that i bought at that cute shop in Camp Hill; how gorgeous is that color??)

hello and happy wednesday to you!

i realize that i am late in getting this post up, but as student teaching is very tiring and i fall asleep around 9 pm most evenings these days, i hope you can forgive me :) 

let's have a looksee into the happenings of the past week, shall we?

pretty pretty snow outside my window...excuse the textured screen, i don't know how to take it out, haha!

saturday morning pancakes!

one of the stencils from a cute Martha Stewart decorating kit. it is supposed to be a rose, but it turns out putting powdered sugar on pancake through a stencil is more difficult than i had predicted. 

the whole spread! we love pancakes.

pretty, pretty!

saturday night we ventured out into the snow to our favorite coffee shop in town. we had planned to get coffee and look through the shops downtown, but everything had closed early because of the snow, so we ended up going back home right afterwards...oh well, Artisans' lattes are worth the trip! (and the almost $4 it costs to buy a small......)

and lastly, invitations to ali and i's upcoming valentine's party! i cannot express to you how much i love valentine's day, but the fact that i began the handmade invitation process almost a month ahead of time should give you some insight.

welp, that's about it for now; it's 9 pm and nearly my bedtime :) 
have a lovely wednesday, and a wonderful rest of the week! 
only two more days until the weekend...!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

things i love

good morning!

it's a beautiful sunny sunday, and i'm welcoming the morning from my parents' living room. me and ali decided to come visit for the weekend, since school and classes are cancelled on monday in honor of martin luther king jr. 

yesterday we spent the afternoon in camp hill (my hometown - i miss it so) at a little coffee and tea shop called one good woman, and came home with some yummy-smelling tea (cinnamon plum!), delicious flavored coffee (yule log!) and two very cute little mugs: mug...

...and ali's teacup!

please excuse the stupid photobooth pictures...i am camera-less at the moment, so this will have to do in the interim....

meanwhile, here's some sweet things i have come across lately:
Pinned Image
1. i am obsessed with this room, as well as all of the other rooms in the home of Yvonne of Yvestown. she is an absolute gem with impeccable taste and a sense of humor to boot; be sure to give her a visit. 

Pinned Image

2. i would very much like to have these vintage tennis racket mirrors, a diy project via apartment therapy.

Pinned Image
3. this little scene, specifically that incredible painting by Julie Hendriks. gift for me, please?

Pinned Image
(photo credit to James Christianson)
4. this photograph has convinced me that i probably want to get married in winter. stunning.

Pinned Image
5. and finally, the most endearingly fun idea for Day 100 that i hope to use in my classroom one day...for those who are not future educators, this may not mean much, but Day 100 is a HUGE deal to children (and teachers, let's be real). fun fun fun!

that's all i've got for now; enjoy this sunny sunday :)


Saturday, January 7, 2012

how come you never go there?

sweet saturday evening

my little rhino-guy, Rodney. 
i wrote and illustrated a story about him...coming soon :)


Thursday, January 5, 2012

ok, alright.



i've been away for quite some time. and that is not alright.
because this blog is a representation of me doing instead of always saying, making instead of admiring, and starting instead of planning. 

in my defense, i have been incredibly busy with things like...

  • my last semester of classes before student teaching.
  • freaking out about student teaching.
  • having cute girly parties with friends.
  • crying over school work. a lot. 
  • christmas time.
  • dear friends getting married!
  • having a sinus infection (can't hear out of my left ear, holllaaaaa).
so, this upcoming semester i will be student teaching. i have a lot of feelings about this.
but one sentiment that remains constant amongst these feelings is that i cannot, WILL not, allow the busyness and stressfulness (?) to overtake my life and push aside things that i love. 

as such, i hereby decree (this is dangerous, friends) that i will be posting once a week, as an outlet for my emotions, stress, and pent-up creative energy. i know it is the new year, and overarching statements about future productivity are beyond cliche. but i'll be damned if i do not become a "doer" instead of just a "hearer," "seer," "reader," what have you. too much of my time is wasted on imagining and wishing. it's time for the big-girl pants.