Thursday, January 5, 2012

ok, alright.



i've been away for quite some time. and that is not alright.
because this blog is a representation of me doing instead of always saying, making instead of admiring, and starting instead of planning. 

in my defense, i have been incredibly busy with things like...

  • my last semester of classes before student teaching.
  • freaking out about student teaching.
  • having cute girly parties with friends.
  • crying over school work. a lot. 
  • christmas time.
  • dear friends getting married!
  • having a sinus infection (can't hear out of my left ear, holllaaaaa).
so, this upcoming semester i will be student teaching. i have a lot of feelings about this.
but one sentiment that remains constant amongst these feelings is that i cannot, WILL not, allow the busyness and stressfulness (?) to overtake my life and push aside things that i love. 

as such, i hereby decree (this is dangerous, friends) that i will be posting once a week, as an outlet for my emotions, stress, and pent-up creative energy. i know it is the new year, and overarching statements about future productivity are beyond cliche. but i'll be damned if i do not become a "doer" instead of just a "hearer," "seer," "reader," what have you. too much of my time is wasted on imagining and wishing. it's time for the big-girl pants. 


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