Wednesday, January 25, 2012

under the hazelnut moon

(a cup of cranberry tea that i bought at that cute shop in Camp Hill; how gorgeous is that color??)

hello and happy wednesday to you!

i realize that i am late in getting this post up, but as student teaching is very tiring and i fall asleep around 9 pm most evenings these days, i hope you can forgive me :) 

let's have a looksee into the happenings of the past week, shall we?

pretty pretty snow outside my window...excuse the textured screen, i don't know how to take it out, haha!

saturday morning pancakes!

one of the stencils from a cute Martha Stewart decorating kit. it is supposed to be a rose, but it turns out putting powdered sugar on pancake through a stencil is more difficult than i had predicted. 

the whole spread! we love pancakes.

pretty, pretty!

saturday night we ventured out into the snow to our favorite coffee shop in town. we had planned to get coffee and look through the shops downtown, but everything had closed early because of the snow, so we ended up going back home right afterwards...oh well, Artisans' lattes are worth the trip! (and the almost $4 it costs to buy a small......)

and lastly, invitations to ali and i's upcoming valentine's party! i cannot express to you how much i love valentine's day, but the fact that i began the handmade invitation process almost a month ahead of time should give you some insight.

welp, that's about it for now; it's 9 pm and nearly my bedtime :) 
have a lovely wednesday, and a wonderful rest of the week! 
only two more days until the weekend...!


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