Monday, February 20, 2012

all the pretty things

A few of my most recent loves:

1. everything Cath Kidston. everything.

Pinny Flowers Open Tote

Royal Rose Automatic Walking Umbrella
Provence Rose Set of 4 Cups and Saucers

Bleached Flowers Set of 4 Tea Towels

Hampton Ditsy Crush Mug

(...clearly i have a style, and it's FLOWERS EVERYWHERE.)

2. Beautifully Rooted - a devotional blog for women written by creative blogging ladies. The stories and sentiments are not only sweet but thought-provoking as well. 

(this gorgeous little print is available as a free printable download on the blog!)

3. This beautifully-written guest post on Annalea Hart's blog.

4. The following pretty Pinterest finds:

Pinned Image

A pantry painted pink. Is it any surprise that this comes from Martha?

Pinned Image

All of my recent color obsessions in one picture. 

Pinned Image

Ranunculus, aka the most beautiful flower that ever did bloom. 

Pinned Image

Beyond-gorgeous ceramic french presses...I'll take them all!

Pinned Image

Katherine Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart. Hollywood doesn't make 'em like this anymore, folks. 

5. Amy Turn Sharp's poem-a-day blog. This girl is wonderful with her words.

Well friends, I'm off to get started on my day of lesson planning.
Happy President's Day!
Thanks for stopping by.

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