Saturday, March 3, 2012

late night

ladies and gentlemen, you are witnessing a sight that is usually quite unseen: this girl, awake past 11:00 pm. a rather long time past 11:00 pm, in fact. i must admit, though, that this situation was not really my choice. i'm paying for the chicken fingers and fries i ate for dinner this evening; my body is most confused and unsure of what to do with such foods.
anyway, here i am, and so i figured i'd do a little late-night post for the enjoyment of whoever it is that reads my silly blog. (hi mom.)

i got this list of questions over at (she's too cute, go visit!).
i am one of those insane people who never grew out of doing those ridiculous quizzes we all did back in the day on myspace or what have you. so seeing a grown-up one that didn't involve any teenage-esque questions filled my little heart with excitement.
so here you go!
be sure to comment with a link to your silly-quiz-answers if you decide to partake!
i'd love to read them!

01. If you could live anywhere in the world for a year for free where would it be and why? Salzburg, Austria. I visited this past summer and it was the most magical, fairy-tale-like place I’ve ever been. Also it would force me to perfect my German!

02. If you had to be on a reality TV show which one would it be? Oh gosh, the choices…It’s a toss up between The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (so I could be friends with Kyle Richards – LOVE HER) and The Only Way Is Essex, Britain’s answer to The Hills and my newest obsession. I don’t live in England, and I don’t have an Essex accent, but in my dream world they’d accept me anyway.
03. What's the story behind your name? My mom named me Taylor back in 1990 when the name was still pretty uncommon, especially for girls. She liked that it was original at the time. My middle name, Elyse, is after her best friend, Holly Elyse.
04. What was the first concert you went to? Rebecca St. James. If you were a Christian kid in the 90’s, you know who she is. If not, please save me the embarrassment and don’t look her up.
05. Who inspires you most right now? Oh wow, the list is insanely long and ever-growing. My last post portrayed my obsession with all things Cath Kidston, so obviously she’s up there as far as home design inspiration. In that same vein is Yvette of Yvestown; I would literally copy her exact house/design scheme if I could. I’m also in love with the work of Emily of The Black Apple. Cartoonists/animators like Jen Wang and Lindsey Lydecker inspire me to draw.
06. What was your first job? Well, I helped out at my aunt’s bridal shop for a little bit when I was about 15, but my first “official” job was at Bucks County Coffee, one of those coffee stands in Giant supermarkets. I actually really loved it!
07. What famous person do people say you look like? When I was younger I got Avril Lavigne literally ALL the time…I didn’t see it then, still don’t.
08. When you were first asked what you wanted to be when you grew up what did you say? A dinosaur. That’s actually the truth. But I also really wanted to be on Broadway for a long stretch of time, until I realized I definitely did NOT have near enough talent for it, haha.
09. What magazines do you subscribe to? None at the moment, due to my lack of income. Oh, college. But if I had the money, I’d subscribe to Martha Stewart Living and The Sun (a magazine full of beautifully written short stories/memoires/essays…so good!).
10.What was your favorite color as a kid. How about now? When I was a kid, it was definitely blue. Now, I honestly have the hardest time picking one favorite, but salmon pink is up there.
11. What's your favorite way to celebrate something? With my sweet friends!
01. What is your earliest memory? I can remember climbing up the side of a portico at a house we lived in when I was about 6. There was a bird’s nest on the roof of it, and I remember really wanting to climb up and get it and bring it in the house so I could see the birds hatch. Thankfully I never made it all the way up there to disturb those poor birdies!

02. If Ryan Gosling & Joseph Gordon Levitt both proposed, who would you pick? {you have to choose one or the other & you can't say neither} Ryan Gosling. Easy.

03. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Teaching in my own classroom, and married with a baby or two. Only time will tell!

04. If money wasn't an issue, what's one thing you would purchase? An apartment of my very own.

05. What was the last vacation you went on? Austria and Germany with my fam! It was incredible.

06. First kiss? I was 15, and it was with my first “real” boyfriend. I kissed him, and missed. We did get it right after that, but it was pretty embarrassing!

07. If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would it be & why? Somebody with way too much money. I’d buy everything I could possibly need or want, so then I’d be set when I went back to my own life. Smart, no?

08. What do you do to relax? Make a nice cup of green tea with jasmine and watch one of my favorite shows on Hulu. And sometimes just eat a lot of cookies.
09. Favorite cocktail? {or non-alcoholic beverage, if you don't drink} My favorite drink of all time is a plain decaf latte; so simple and yummy!

10. Is there anything you felt strongly about when you were younger which you now have a totally different view on as an adult? Oh yeah. I can’t really think of any specifics, but my personality and overall mindset have changed a lot, even just since high school, and that was only 4 years ago.

11. Who is the one person you can tell anything to? Kendra Lea, my best friend of 18 years!

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