Thursday, March 1, 2012


hello friends, and happy thursday to you!
my birthday was this past weekend, and my parents who are SO very sweet and generous, gave me a new camera! (a nikon D3100 for those of you who are interested)
so, i've been playing around with it, testing it out and such, and i took a bunch of pictures of sketches and drawings i've had squirreled away for a while. i figured it'd be nice to get them out into the world...though you should keep in mind they are rough at best, silly little doodles done during classes or coffee with friends, so don't be too hard on me :)
here goes nothin!

thanks for taking a look!



  1. Not to be weird, but your handwriting is remarkable.

    And, you draw quite a fine rhino. I wonder though, how does he manage that bow-tie? Ergonomically speaking that is.

  2. thanks so much! people overlook the importance of good handwriting these days :)

    you know, i'm not sure about the logistics of the bow-tie. never gave it much thought. but i'll tell you one thing, he never leaves the house without one.

  3. even though i've already seen these..i love them even more this time around :o) you are my precious, talented girlie and you make this momma proud.