Tuesday, March 6, 2012

you are a cinema


i will begin by saying that i started this post last night, and was almost finished with it when suddenly i clicked haphazardly and everything disappeared. and as i am not a technology whiz by any means, usually when something disappears on my screen it's GONE.
after that i was so frustrated that i closed the computer and went to bed. seriously.
so! here i am, back for round number 2, hoping that this post goes as planned.


how was your weekend? mine was just lovely, and i took a bunch of pictures with my FABULOUS new camera to prove it!

we started out our saturday with a trip to Produce Junction, a super-cheap produce store where everything has been locally-grown. hence the cheap prices. it's incredible, we love getting veggies and fruits there!

 pretty flowers outside the store, and my pretty friend Ali to go with them!

inside the store. i got a lot of weird looks for taking pictures of vegetables, but i decided i was fine with that.

is that not the prettiest asparagus you've ever seen?? we took home two bunches! can't wait to put those babies on the George Foreman grill.

they also have the most gorgeous flowers, and they're so affordable that we usually end up getting a bouquet or two. this time we came home with a bunch of gorgeous pink baby roses!

why yes, this IS a Ranunculus - my new favorite flower. how gorgeous is this?? the most perfect little flower all on its' own. i wanted so badly to take it home, but given the fact that i kill most plants that i touch, i decided to spare it.

so gorgeous!

when we got back from all of our Saturday activities (including grocery shopping, looking-but-not-buying clothes shopping, visiting puppies at the pet store (!!!), and getting take-out from Applebee's (which i would later live to regret)), i felt the sudden urge to make a few cards that i've been wanting to mail to friends for a while now. 
so into craft-mode i went:

i made this little guy for a family i babysat for last semester that i haven't seen since Christmas, and they were so sweet and so much fun to work for/with that i thought i should say "hello". so i did!

and while i was in said craft-mode, i figured i may as well draw some little doodles too.

...not that you need to see the same drawings a thousand times, but it's hard to really tell what it looks like without getting all the angles

well folks, that's about all i got. maybe one of these times i'll actually post about my weekend while it's still happening...or maybe not :)
hope your week is going well so far, and that you are doing something that you love. i am personally so very grateful to be student teaching in a school and with teachers and students that i absolutely adore. praise God for finding a perfect fit!
i hope it's the same for you ♥

taylor elyse


  1. Congratulations on the new camera. I foresee that you will take quite naturally to this artform. Also, I must say, judging by your penmanship and general flair for art, I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    And if you like flowers – as I suspect you do – the Perkiomen trail is fantastic in the spring.

  2. lovin' the flowers :) and umm, yeah, your "doodles" look WAYYYY better than anything I ever "doodled"!! -_^ happy to meet you!

  3. haha, thank you!! drawing is one of my great loves :) thanks so much for visiting me!